Carroll County Park District
Cobblestone Inn at the Bluebird Farm Park
Sunday 11am - 3pm
Monday closed
Tuesday & Wednesday 11am - 3pm
Thursday, Friday & Saturday 11am - 9pm

Cobblestone Inn 

to open at the Bluebird Farm Park in April

The Board of Park Commissioners is pleased to announce they entered an agreement with Lisa Stansbury to open the Cobblestone Inn at Bluebird Farm Park sometime in April. “Lisa has been the long time operator of the Airport Restaurant so she comes with great experience and knows the community well. Having the restaurant re-opened as the Cobblestone Inn is a great thing for the community and Carroll County Park District,” Stated Dale Alexander, Executive Director of the park district. The restaurant has been closed for well over a year. But improvements have been made in the kitchen, the floors and tables are shiny, new refrigeration equipment has arrived and the excitement of pre-opening preparations is quite evident.